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"We Are One" - Edgar Mitchell ( 1930- 2016 )

"We Are One" - Edgar Mitchell 1930-2016 from Institute of Noetic Sciences on Vimeo.


Em 5 de fevereiro de 1971, Edgar Mitchell se tornou o sexto homem a pisar na lua.

Exploring the Fra Mauro highlands
Edgar Mitchell moves across the lunar surface as he looks over a traverse map during exploration of Fra Mauro. Lunar dust can be seen clinging to the boots and legs of the space suit. (NASA)
Image Credit: NASA/Alan Shepard

Missão Apollo 14 (1971)

Crédito: NASA -

"  "To me, that (spaceflight) was the culmination of my being, and what can I learn from this? What is it we are learning? That's important, because I think what we're trying to do is discover ourselves and our place in the cosmos, and we don't know. We're still looking for that."
In his book "The Way of the Explorer", Mitchell wrote, "There was a sense that our presence as space travelers, and the existence of the universe itself, was not accidental but that there was an intelligent process at work.”  "

Crédito: NASA

 " He [Mitchell] graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon in 1952, a B.S. in Aeronautics from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in 1961 and a Doctorate in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1964.  NASA selected Mitchell as an astronaut in 1966. He served on the support crew for Apollo 9 and as backup lunar module pilot for Apollo 10. He worked in the lunar module simulator at the Johnson Space Center during Apollo 13, developing procedures that would bring the crew of that crippled spacecraft home. "


Lançamento da Apollo 14 sendo transmitida ao vivo:

CBS News- Apollo 14 Launch:

Apollo 14 Liftoff
Image Credit: NASA

" Mitchell was born in Hereford, Texas on Sept. 17, 1930, and earned multiple degrees [...]. Mitchell entered the Navy in 1952 and was selected by NASA as an astronaut in April 1966. He was the lunar module pilot for the Apollo 14 mission, his only spaceflight, joining Shepard and command module pilot Stuart Roosa. On Feb. 5, 1971, Mitchell and Shepard guided Antares to a bulls-eye landing at Fra Mauro, where they spent 33 hours and conducted two moonwalks to collect almost 100 pounds of moon rocks and invaluable lunar soil samples. Following the Apollo program, Mitchell retired from NASA and from the Navy to conduct scientific research in the field of human consciousness. "

 Mitchell’s death occurred on the eve of the 45th anniversary of his landing on the moon aboard the lunar module Antares with Apollo 14 Commander Alan Shepard. "

Profissão: Astronauta, Cientista, Pesquisador

Edgar Dean "EdMitchell (September 17, 1930 – February 4, 2016), (CaptainUSN), was an American naval officer and aviatortest pilotaeronautical engineer, and NASA astronaut. As the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14, he spent nine hours working on the lunar surface in the Fra Mauro Highlands region, making him the sixth person to walk on the Moon.

Awards and honors[edit]

Mitchell's other awards included:

Alan Shepard on the Lunar Surface
Image Credit: NASA

Edgar Mitchell sets up ALSEP
Image Credit: NASA

 The Apollo 14 Command Module (CM) approaches touchdown in the South Pacific Ocean.
Image Credit: NASA

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